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We guarantee you will be happy with our service. We take pride in on our premium customer support and quality of services. If you have any questions please call our office at (661) 835-8254 and ask for Chris or Dennis.

We are a Full Service ISP. Below are just the basic services we provide. We will work with you to provide any ISP services to fit your needs.

   Broadband Wireless:

  • From $50 per month, based upon site survey

  • Unlimited email accounts

  • 24/7 Free telephone technical support

  • No contract options

  • Static IP Address

  • Installation charges may apply, based upon site survey

   56K Dialup Internet Access:

  • $20 per month, unlimited usage

  • 10mb server space for your personal webpage

  • Up to 5 email accounts

  • No contracts or setup fees

  • 24/7 free telephone technical support

   Basic Website Hosting:

  • $30 per month, no contracts, no setup fees

  • Up to 10 email accounts

  • 10mb server space

  • Unix or Windows 2000 server with FrontPage extensions

  • 24/7 free telephone technical support

   Nationwide 56k Internet Access - $10 per month and .10 per minute online
    56K Dialup with Static IP Address - $30 per month
   Domain Registration - $35 per year
   Domain Pointing/Parking - $5 per month
   Shopping Cart Services - $45 per month
   Website Design - $49 per hour

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