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   Quick Connect  

   56k Dialup Number: (661) 837-9886

   The only thing that should be different than the default dialup         
   properties is in the "server types" section. The only boxes that
   should be checked is "enable software compression" and "TCP/IP"

   Mail POP 3 Server:
   Mail SMTP Server:

   Default Gateway IP:
   Primary DNS Server:
   Secondary DNS Server:

   Your dialup user name always starts with a capital "P"

   Your email user name is always your email name and is always
   all lower case. (no "P" in front)

   Support FAQ  

   Connecting your Email
   Server Settings:
   The Internet as a Free Speech Area:
   How do you bill me?
   What are my Email Settings?
   Who do I call for Tech Support?
   What is the service area for Kern Internet?

   I can't connect, how do I know if I have a problem or if Kern
   Internet has a problem?

   Can I have a Static IP Address?

   Detailed Setup  

   Dialup Setup: Windows 95/98/ME
    Dialup Setup: Windows 2000
    Dialup Setup: Windows XP
    Email Setup: Outlook Express

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Connecting your Email

There are several email programs out there but all share the same components. Here is a list of the major components required to do Email. You will have to think about it but you can setup any email with these settings.

Email User-Name (email account) Settings:
POP3 Username is the first part of your email address - Your POP3 User name may also be referenced as your USER NAME.
If you are your POP3 User Name is 'joe'.

EMAIL Server Settings:
At Kern Internet, the POP3 Server and the SMTP server are the same - We administer 2 Domains here: &

For KERN.COM Users - For DATA1.COM Users -
The SMTP Server is also known as the INCOMING MAIL SERVER
OR for DATA1.COM Users
The POP3 server is also known as the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER -

OR for DATA1.COM Users

Email Primer:

Using Email is really easy. Because there is no standard of Email settings, it gets confusing to the user. Here is a simplistic view of how email works.

Kern Internet has a special Computer called a Mail Server. It is also known as the POP3 server, SMTP Server, Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server. When you send email, you send a copy of your email to that server. The server finds out who you are sending the message to and contacts their mail server. This is called authentication. If their mail server is working properly, it allows us to send a copy of the Email to them. When someone writes Email to you, the reverse happens.

To get your email, you have to contact the Mail Server. This is done by Login and Password. That is why you have 2 Login Names, One is your Pname for logging into the Modems. The other is your POP3 Name (also known as the first part of your email address). That name is used to login to the Mail Server. The mail server does not use your Pname login. BUT your Pname and POP3 name share the same password.

So, be sure the names you put in your Email program are the correct ones. If your Email gives you a choice to dialup direct to the Mail Server, it can get confusing to know which name you have to use.

Dialup Primer:

Dialing into the Internet is like plugging your computer into the wall socket. You actually `plug your computer into the vast Internet network'. This is accomplished with Windows Dial-up networking. Once you are dialed up and connected, all of your Internet applications should work. Therefore, Access to the Internet is a two-fold operation: FIRST is the establishment of a Network Connection, the SECOND is starting your applications.

When you are troubleshooting, think of your problem in 2 parts. If you can dialup and establish a connection but your applications will not work, you probably have your gateway set wrong. Go back and check TCP/IP Properties in the Control Panel/Network.

If you cannot establish a connection it is either a Username, Password or possibly a setting in your TCP/IP Properties. Go over the install again to be sure.

We do have problems from time to time so it is not beyond reason that we may have a problem. Call us after you have checked all of your settings.

The Internet as a Free Speech Area:

The `Spirit of the Internet' implies that we all work toward the common good. Today it is hard to stick with that concept. Things are getting very commercial. Here are some pitfalls you need to be cautious of when using the Internet.

  1. FLAMING - It is easy to `flame' someone with Email. Be courteous when writing email. Remember, they can also click the delete button on their end. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Always assume someone has good intentions before sending `Flame Mail'. Remember, it is hard to take back once it is writing.

  2. SPAM - Email spam is not very well received in the Internet world. At almost every internet provider, the delivery of Email is free. When you use this service to send unsolicited commercial Email to people who do not want it, you are `SPAMMING'. It will get you kicked off our service and it could cause all Email from Kern Internet to be blocked. We take `SPAM' mail VERY SERIOUS!

  3. IRC and Chat Rooms - As with a Phone call, you never know who you are talking to on the Internet. It is not a good idea to make anyone mad in these chat rooms. If you feel intimidated by someone when on IRC or a Chat Room, please feel free to email support about the incident. We take any threat to our system very seriously and we support all of our customers as long as they follow common sense rules. Find a new place to hang out rather than force an issue on the Internet. There are thousands of other places to go.

  4. FTP - Getting a file from a site using your browser can often be a hassle. Get you an FTP program and use that if you are experiencing difficulty downloading.

  5. Passwords - Some Email Programs allow you to change your Email password. If you are not careful, you can lose your password. If it happens, you can call us. If you accidentally erase it, we can set you a new one but we do not know what yours is after it is assigned to you. You cannot change your Pusername password. Only we can do that for you. Call if you lose that password. Choose a password that is complex, letters and numbers. It is surprisingly easy to crack your password if it is simple. Then people can login to your account and use your account.

  6. Security - Every thing you do on the Internet can be traced. Any email you send can be captured and printed by unscrupulous people on the Internet. While it does not normally happen, be aware that it can. Also be aware that we and most other Internet providers have monitors that sense unscrupulous activity.

  7. Credit Cards - At Kern Internet, we do not keep credit card information on the computer system. We do not believe it is a good idea any time to do that. BUT, we do believe in using your credit card on the Internet if you follow some rules:

    • Whoever you give the card to should have an 800 number too. Call them and confirm they are a legitimate business.

    • ONLY give credit card information on a server that is secure. There is a little KEY or LOCK on the bottom corner of your browser that indicates that it is secure to give credit card information out. If you do not know, use `' as a link and see how your browser changes.

    • If you are uncomfortable about giving your credit card online, call them on the phone and give it to them.

  8. Mailing Lists - Remember that there are MILLIONS of people on the Internet and when you sign up to a List Server, you could very easily get 100+ email a day. Use good sense when signing up to list servers. You should be able to un-subscribe as easily as you subscribe.

    How Do You Bill Me?:

    We bill on a month to month basis. You will receive your monthly billing via fax or your primary email account by the 20th of every month, it is due upon receipt and considered delinquent if not received by the 1st. We accept credit cards, checks, and money orders. If you wish to setup your monthly billing by credit card contact our office at (661) 835-8254 or email Christina and she will contact you.

    NOTE: All dialup accounts not paid by the 5th of each month will be suspended and a $10 reconnect fee required before accounts are reactivated. Please help us keep the rates low by keeping your accounts current.

    What are my Email Settings:
    Email setup depends on your program. This information works on any email program. We support only Outlook Express. If you have problems, go as far as you can and call us to finish it.

    DATA1.COM Users:
    Pop3 Server(outgoing): SMTP Server(incoming):

    KERN.COM Users:
    Pop3 Server(outgoing): SMTP Server(incoming):

    What is Kern Internet's Home Page Address:

    Who do I call for Tech Support?

    24/7 Technical Support is available. Just call our office at (661) 835-8254 and someone will be glad to assist you.  

    What is the service area for Kern Internet?

    We only service Bakersfield. We are committed to the Bakersfield Area and have only numbers there. But because we are a Digital Service, you can call us (long distance) from anywhere and still get excellent performance if you need to get Email while on a business trip. Our Access Number is (661) 837-9886. We now have TOLL FREE dialup service available, call for information.

    If I cannot connect, how do I know if I have a problem or if Kern Internet has a problem?

    Generally speaking, it would be a problem on your end. We closely monitor our modems and rarely have any downtime. Try to narrow it down to these groups:

    • Do you connect at all? Check your password and Caps Lock. Login is case sensitive

    • After you connect you cannot go anywhere. This generally means your TCP/IP needs to be re-configured. Windows95 has a bad habit of deleting TCP/IP settings for no reason.

    • Connect speed is low and erratic. Look for those naughty cheap plastic adapters on your phone line. They cause interference especially if the connection is loose. Run your phone line directly from the wall to your computer. Use the outgoing modem port for your FAX and Phone.

    • I can connect normally and my Browser works but I cannot get email. You need to re-check your mail settings per the parameters above.

    Can I have a Static IP Address?

    Yes, call our office for details. (661) 835-8254